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RT Attendance Rewards Program

RT Attendance Student Rewards Program

Attention Marketing Departments - What is the easiest and best way to get students even MORE excited about attending sports events at your school...reward them for attending

RT Attendance Student Rewards Program is all about exciting your students and getting them out to events. How do you do that?...Reward them for attending!

Each event can have different points awarded for it so you can offer more points for homecoming, rivalries, conference games, or even to sporting events you want to attract a new crowd to. The more you put into the system the more your students get out of it! Run a year-long contest to see who can collect the most points!

RT Attendance is the perfect marketing tool for schools looking to enhance the game attendance experience and increase attendance. RT Attendance Student Rewards Program utilizes both a handheld computer with scanner or stripe reader and a desktop database to give you a powerful tool for tracking attendance and firing up your student population. You can use the existing barcode or Magnetic Stripe on your student cards or have special membership cards.

RT Attendance is not a hosted system that charges you a monthly fee. You own the hardware, software and most importantly your data. You have access to all data and can do exports and modify it any way you like. RT Attendance Rewards Program is also configurable so each school can modify the application to fit their game attendance student rewards program. Add logos and program name to show the pride in your program and your school. RT Attendance Student Rewards Program tracks Events, Members and Rewards the way you want, giving you multiple ways of viewing, printing and exporting your data. RT Attendance information can even be exported to a website, personalized for your school so members can check their points, upcoming events, and available rewards.

What you get is an affordable, easy-to-use but effective and quick way to excite your student body, enhance the game experience and improve attendance.

How RT Attendance Works

RT Attendance comes with a complete reports menu which allows you to view, print or export the data in many different ways.

Reports Menu